follow ashley on instagram @ogyogini AND @infinitesourceyoga

follow ashley on instagram @ogyogini AND @infinitesourceyoga
Funky Pinchmayurasana with scorpion variaton.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting your body "back" is wack
you will never have the body you had before you had a baby
or the body you had in high school
the body you have now
 is the only body you will ever have
because all you have is now

your body is one of thousands that you will have
if you are on the path of the buddah~
u gotta release attachment to physical plane
this includes caring about what your body looks like
Im done with that style of living
this is what we are
Spirit Soup
inside each skin suit is star matter
bend & twist your body to match the constellations
Breathe so deeply that your insides shine like the cosmos
revel in the plants that so effortlessly & consistently bloom around you
look up
grow a baby
heal an injury
sit with your breath & listen to crickets or frogs or the earth turn

Ask the spirit to show you something beautiful
make a shape with your body
be reverent to your body
your body is a diamond
a god
a goddess
peace & unity is yours
your birthright
there is nowhere to go
we are here now